Added in version 1.2, the Explore system allows the player to send any of their dragons in Rest sm out on an exploration. Completed explorations will commonly give a varying amount of money and dragon experience, and sometimes may even give you chests. Rarely, you may earn a map piece from an exploration, or you may not earn anything at all. Dragons may be sent out on the same exploration as many times as you wish.

The following lists the required minimum dragon level to set out on an exploration, along with the time it takes for completion.

Magic Forest
Explore1 Level 5
2 hours
Dark Swamp
Explore2 Level 10
4 hours
Deep Sea
Explore3 Level 15
6 hours
Behemoth's Skeleton
Explore4 Level 20
8 hours
Lava Hell
Explore5 Level 25
10 hours
Death Desert
Explore6 Level 30
12 hours
Great Rift
Explore7 Level 35
14 hours
Space Warp
Explore8 Level 40
16 hours
Explore9 Level 45
18 hours
Explore10 Level 50
20 hours