List of content added in each update. This information can be found on Haypi's official forum.



  • Fixed max room member display bug in Boss level 1-15
  • Added the pop-up error message when master intends to kick VIP player(s)
  • Added room rule descriptions for BOSS level and PVP
  • Added audio prompts at the beginning of a round
  • Added the button flicking reminder of chat
  • Added VIP countdown feature
  • Adjusted contents of top announcement bar in main interface
  • Modified replay time limit of reward level and added tips
  • Changed dragon’s critical attribute into a fixed value
  • Changed dragon’s initial CRT rate to 5% and CRT damage to 30%
  • Modified values of CRI Stones and Damage Stones
  • Increased Exp. gained by winning reward level
  • Increased the money got from spin wheel in reward and BOSS level
  • Added probability to get coins from spin wheel in BOSS Level
  • Increased the money got from daily gifts.
  • Added probability to get coins by opening copper box and silver box
  • Fastened the speed to accumulate rage.
  • Increase player level’s bonus EXP. ratio in dragon training
  • Increased money got from daily tasks
  • Increased achievement requirement of Total Damage
  • Increased VIP’s bonus EXP. ratio to 50%
  • Increased dragon EXP. gained from all levels



  • Added dragon exploration function
  • Added Dragon Valley
  • Added Angelo
  • Added treasure map
  • Enabled players to set up password when starting a room
  • Enabled players to invite their friends to their room directly.
  • Displayed player's info in chat or room, including medal rank, VIP and stability
  • Enabled players to get reward in the attachment when they reach a certain level
  • Enabled players to choose combat mode in PVP room (Such as 1v1 or 2v2)
  • Modified reward of some tasks



  • Added activity - Secret of Tree
  • Added new medals
  • Added a hidden scene - Laputa
  • Opened the 8th embedding slot
  • Added three new magic stones
  • Added online reward
  • Changed synthesis system
  • Modified reward system by introducing Beginner’s Gift Box
  • Adjusted PVP stability