Town complete

Haypi Town serves as the game's central hub. From here you may check your inventory, dragon and player status, fight other players, synth stones,go on explorations, and challenge scenes.

Additionally, a number of things are displayed on this screen. From here you may manage your friends list, send mail, check user ranks, buy things from the shop, change game settings, or just check your experience and money. As of version 1.3, you may also access the Activity screen from Haypi Town.

Money icon Displays your current money
Coin icon Displays your current Haypi Coins
Settings Change game settings such as chat, music and sounds
Gift Grants online gift 4 times per day
Haypi coins Buy Haypi coins
Activity Participate in activity
Chat Chat with users within the same server
Mail Send and receive mail to users, claim system mail
Info View achievements and honor
Dragon View current dragons, upgrade skills, change combat dragon
Friends Manage friend list
Rank View player rank
Shop Purchase items in the shop with Hcoin sm or Honor sm
Pvp Participate in Player vs Player matches
Play Access scenes
Task Complete and turn in various tasks
Explore Send dragons on explorations
Warehouse Stores items. Slots may be expanded with Hcoin sm
Eyrie Train dragons
Matrix Embed different types of stones onto dragons
Synthesis Combine stones through Synthesis