Items can be found through normal gameplay, often by completing a stage or from chests. Many items can also be bought in the Shop. Experience is earned only through stages and tasks.

Experience and CurrencyEdit

Pxp lrg Player experience
Dxp lrg Dragon experience
Money lrg Money
Coin lrg Coins (Premium currency)


For a more detailed look at stone bonuses and synthesizing, please visit Synthesis

Atk1 Attack stone Increases Attack
Def1 Defense stone Increases Defense
Hp1 Health stone Increases Health
Mp1 Mana stone Increases Mana
Crt1 CRT stone Increases Critical chance
Dmg1 Damage stone Increases Critical damage
Agi1 Agility stone Increases movement
Power1 Power stone Increases damage of Power skill
Qshot1 Quick Shot stone Increases damage of Quick Shot skill
Volley1 Volley stone Increases damage of Volley skill


Copper chest Copper Box Lv1 Copper results
Silver chest Silver Box Lv2 Silver results
Gold chest Gold Box Lv3 Gold results
Crystal chest Crystal Box Lv4 Crystal results
Magic chest 1 Magic Chest Lv1 Gives a random level 1 stone
Magic chest 2 Magic Chest Lv2 Gives a random level 2 stone
Magic chest 3 Magic Chest Lv3 Gives a random level 3 stone
Magic chest 4 Magic Chest Lv4 Gives a random level 4 stone
Magic chest 5 Magic Chest Lv5 Gives a random level 5 stone
Coin chest 1 Coin Chest Lv1 Gives Hcoin sm
Coin chest 2 Coin Chest Lv2 Gives Hcoin sm
Coin chest 3 Coin Chest Lv3 Gives Hcoin sm
Coin chest 4 Coin Chest Lv4 Gives Hcoin sm
  • Gold and Crystal chests must be opened with keys
  • Magic Chests sometimes give money


Gold key Golden Key Opens Gold Box, disappears after use
Crystal key Crystal Key Opens Crystal Box, disappears after use
Synth1 Synthesis Stone Lv1 Synthesize level 1 stones
Synth2 Synthesis Stone Lv2 Synthesize level 2 stones
Synth3 Synthesis Stone Lv3 Synthesize level 3 stones
Synth4 Synthesis Stone Lv4 Synthesize level 4 stones
Vip1 VIP Card 1 Day Grants VIP status for 1 day
Vip2 VIP Card 7 Days Grants VIP status for 7 days
Vip3 VIP Card 1 Month Grants VIP status for 1 month
Vip4 VIP Card 3 Months Grants VIP status for 3 months
Vip5 VIP Card 6 Months Grants VIP status for 6 months
Leaf Leaf Used in Activity shop
Vine Vine Skip stages in Activity