Located on the left side of Haypi Town, PVP is a place where players go to combat each other. Players can make a room consisting of either themselves or up to 4 players. Rooms are randomly paired up with other rooms consisting of the same number of participants. Because of this, finding anything other than 1v1 rooms are rare.

Players receive honor in pvp; 10 honor for winning a match, plus an additional honor per kill made. Honor can be used in the shop, under the tab that says 'Honor.'

In addition to the shop, the total amount of honor earned determines what type of shield is displayed in your player info and on your dragon when in a waiting room.

Iron Iron* 0-999
Bronze Bronze 1,000-1,999
Eagle Eagle 2,000-3,999
Silver Silver 4,000-7,999
Lion Lion 8,000-15,999
Gold Gold 16,000-31,999
Python Python 32,000-63,999
Crystalshield Crystal 64,000-127,999
Dragon Dragon 128,000+
  • This shield is not displayed on your dragon